Mixed, Mastered, Written, & Performed By : SWF eXo Beat Produced By : MTC Beats Beat Name : Fangs (Note* This beat has been sold) Thank you everyone. Go sub the YouTube to show support. Link at the top. #VandalMob #RFGods #RFG #stayw0ke #SWF #DAK #SWFeXo #eXo #AshesXO #BurntOutXO #PutMeOn #BM2021 #BMBest #BMGod #RFFamous #Verified #Freeverse #BMHeat #BMFire #FeatureThis #FeatureMaterial #POTW #FuckADamnHashtag #ANSWERYOURTELE #ScreaminErnie 😏🤣 Ashes (Freeverse) Lyrics most definitely off. LOL I walk through Hell but Im comin out like a pheonix. With an Arizona can in my hand, and a bunch of demons. Best believe it like you seein the Devil just up and leavin. You been crossin me and splittin hairs, you better pray to Jesus. Honestly I might up and kill myself tomorrow. You thinkin that Im scared of you when all your time is borrowed. You could pull up with a carload, you and your homie Carlos. Stealin all your jewelry, call me Robbie like Margot. Im that wolf on Wall Street. Money, thats all me. Ima savage grabbin bulls by the horns and they fall asleep. Im leadin an army, They put it all on me, But I got biceps and triceps and I can see you all weak. None of you really want it, you be cappin, Put you inside an asylum like Batman. How many times is this happen, How many times am I quittin rappin. I probably said it so much that you laughin, Member when I said it way back in Bad Man. But now Im el presidente, evidently, I must be leadin the cabinet. Yeah already said it. Not one of you want it. Nah. Dont you forget it, Ill leave you indebted, deaded, and not even notice you hauntin. Not even notice you gone, and not even notice mama callin. Not even notice the police are postin about your body bein found in a lot man. Now that I got an allotment, I better get it poppin. Runnin this since a youngin. Walk tall Paul Bunyun. Big stick and Im gunnin. You dirty, Im muddin. You nothin, stop frontin, Big mad, Joe Budden. All yall ridin, but you ridin on the wrong spot. All yall writers can aim at me catch the longshot. If you a God the fall to Earth is such a long drop. No angels here, no savin grace, Just smoke and pot shops. Sneak dissin I aint for all of the pot shots. Three strikes, then you out, like pop, pop, pop. My dog gettin put down like stop, stop, stop. All my homies show out like fresh drop tops. Let me accelerate it for second, Strip this beat butt naked. Then just wreck it, then forget it, And tell all my homies Im a legend. Im allegin every other rapper and they mother is probably jumpin off of ledges. Hidin in the hedges, they dont wanna end up headless. Everybody hate the menace. Aint nobody can defend this. I dont care if every one of yall offended. I dont care if I said it probably ment it. So dont you get so sentimental, send a message. My address is always out there I got no need to address this. “You like Joyner, you like Tom, kinda NF in a way, you like Drake, you like Hop, lil bit of MGK. You like Em, you like Yela, you like any other fella. You like Tech kinda too, you ever think to paint your face?” That aint me, I respect it, but yall better recognize, that I am not what you’re expectin, only here to open eyes. I got this message I neglected, all about changin some lives. Every 100 thousand Ima drop my hometown a dime. Ima change it in my city. Put some money in my hood. So if you day one ridin with me, Just you wait, Ill make it good. @moderator_en #TrendSetterZ DEAD


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Bro don't fkn stop doin what your doin. you got it bruh. You got talent G and I'd like to work with you on a track. Hmu if you're down. And rest in peace you your parents my boy and I'm sorry for your loss. Keep your head up G.

2 days ago

Hey man . this is frkn.. HOTT💥💥💥💥💥💥☝️✌️

3 months ago

Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

5 months ago

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