Lock Doh (04:10)

Lock Doh (04:10)


Brain eater social meters fearful leaders gossip seekers pushing out firsthand so don’t divide us innermost heart lead with faith will guide us controlling and blocking ur flesh this is easy vision and choices brain eaters plenty constantly violence is a addicting cite that u stream and of allowing a man bold bravery and humbled spirit and faith strength and sho how to love is joy given promise kings and gems two sets of twins Gold is my inner to revive ur soul roads objects miracles praise mistakes forgiven loves always constantly threefold shots endless blessings and dribbling basket century waits eclipse half moon stars filled mood light faith outta this world boxes my tunnel visualize I’m on God time leading Royalty @ love eating food praises heals he’s got answers he leads my vision creator and already seen the final days brainstorming knowledge feeds my hunger..


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wow 😜👻👊

25 days ago

Nice 🙏🏻💯

10 months ago

vocals are way too low ....but i read the lyrics....nice work

1 year ago

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