“🤴🏽🔥Most Played (Track) On Rapfame!🤴🏽🔥” Featuring (audio) - Intro- @PUNCHGOD /the Ending- @KeKeKillingYou4Fun and @r_woooooosh #LEVELEDUP #SETTHEBAR #TRENDSETTER #HOODTHREAT #AMBASSADORSTATUS #BOSSHIT #THANKFUL #BEGINNINGTHEGRIND #BMAWARDS2019 VERSE 1- BLUE EMBLEM ON MY PAGE, Must have leveled up, Poppin champagne bottles cause the work was tough, Never tell em how To do it , I just hustle harder, Try to block a boss nigga , catch a money order, 30 to the head, double K behind it, I ain’t talkin rifles nigga , 30K the bounty Features up for breakfast , pick a weeks for dinner Nominated 19 dats in my opinion , Imma master of my marathon, If I’m lucky , I’m the wealthy hood leprechaun , I Paid all my dues , I lost what I lost , I gained what I gained, call it the cost of a boss, In this game you gotta plan it out and think about it , Pen and paper on my side , I ain’t caught without it , This is my career livin, ain’t no patient hobby , I’m Ambassador because I keep on fuckin Grindin ... Verse 2- Grindin in and out the studio Dey pay to lease, Only drop a track the radio would play for free Many nights I stayed up late to kill dem people Beats , Used to rap em to my Son before he went Deceased. Legendary moments , some was outta reach , I remember when the Top 4 Tracks was Me, Back to back every Monday I was pick of the week, 2018 was my Year I’m a fuckin Beast ! Work my way up to the top, and I ain’t beg for shit, Niggas hopin different crews but I ain’t made the switch Try to air me out in public , but I ain’t ya bitch , Na dey beggin For My Graces Boy I’m fuckin Rich , Waited for my turn, watched the other shine, Did a lot of features , counted 89, Battleme awards , see you in December , Cause I’m grindin harder ..Message to Remember ...


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