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NO COLLABS under $1000 🤣 SIKE‼️… just go hard or go 🏠 I AM “ZAP⚡️MAN®️” formerly known as “GOLDMOUTH” ✊🏾 THEE REALIST GODZ OF MUZIK CREW ✊🏾 🏆 67 FEATURED TRACKS 🏆 🌟21 SOLO’s🌟 🌟 2 POTW’s 🌟 🌟2023 NOMINEE for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR🌟 🌟👇🏾32 CONTESTS FEATURES👇🏾🌟 🌟9 - Collabs🌟 🌟2 - Contest Collab🌟 🌟1 - TOP 5🌟 🌟13 - TOP 10🌟 🌟18 - TOP 20🌟 🌟1 - TOP 25🌟 🌟 MANY MORE TO COME 🌟 🙏🏾😇🙏🏾GOD ALMIGHTY gets ALL the GLORY 🙏🏾😇🙏🏾 👁️ AM “ZAP⚡️MAN®️” ⚡️THE⚡️”REAL”☝🏾 I’M A ✍🏾 SIGNED ✍🏾 ARTIST UNDER {M•O•S RECORDZ LLC}🚂💨💨💨💨💨💨🚂💨💨💨💨💨💨🚂💨💨💨💨💨 I WRITE ✍🏾 ALL MY OWN SONGS‼️ ALL MY SONGS GET COPYRIGHTED ASAP‼️ EVERYTHING I do goes through my RECORD LABEL first‼️ Since they are the ones majorly helping me and teaching me‼️ GOD is the MASTER and MOS RECORDZ LLC is the server and MOS gets all the credit for what they have taught me. Thank God for them🙏🏾 BTW‼️…my label charges $25 for a feature quality quick mix & $10 for cover art 😱💯 get at them @mosrecordz352 or DM me ✊🏾 As far as a CREW, I’m not looking to build a crew of UNFAITHFUL GARBAGE THATS LOOKING FOR EVERY HAND OUT THEY CAN‼️ I DONT NEED A CREW FULL OF BABIES THAT NEED HAND FED. BEFORE YOU TRY TO REQUEST TO JOIN MY CREW JUST REMEMBER, NO ONE IS PERFECT, PUSH YOUR OWN MUSIC AND THAT PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS AND YOUR LOOKING FOR A CREW THAT DOES NOT EXPECT YOU TO BE PERFECT BUT JUST LOYAL AND SUPPORTIVE THEN SEND A REQUEST✊🏾 #TheRealZapMan #ZapMan #ZapMan352 #mosrecordz #rapfame #GodzOfMuzik #NoSleepStreetTeam #RapFame_official #RapFame_Ar_Team