Mind Programmed

Mind Programmed


Birds like Lamar Jackson 🏈 so I say amen/You don't need a agent, when you play with Ravens (kilos) 12 Double Entendre's 2 Triple Entendre's @rapfame_official @rapfame_ar_team @onastyjr Yo it's O.N.A.S.T.Y. Call me the fourth vowel (O), Don't ask me why (Y) Leaked the secrets, you Brandon Lee in Crow πŸŽ₯ I was born in November ♐ but I don't like Snow (cocaine)* People tell me I got industry bars Why the industry, don't support me behind bars Put people in hearses (Hertz), not talking cars Only time I smoke weed, if it comes in jars 07' I was the face of Atlanta Want my money same color David Banner (net worth 12 million) (Bruce Banner) (Hulk) Car gotta have horses, just like merry's (merry-go-round) I go around use to make plays, like Tyler Perry 🎬 Moved Big Birds, like I live on Sesame (Street) Bitch call me a dog, I don't eat Pedigree Hands been through numbers, just like clocks πŸ•’ Made a hundred thou(sand) a year, but never punched a clock (Hook) (2x) Minds programmed, to train like Conan (The Barbarian) I'm hungry, coming thru the window like Bro Man (Martin) If you wit your girl, better hold her hand 🀝🏼 If not, she waving at me like I'm Captain Dan (Forrest Gump) Did a small crime, but I was at large Cause I moved white (Kevin Costner), like Whitney... In Bodyguard movie 🎬 To all y'all who think... I lost my touch Shoot at you, you jumping like double dutch Robbed my suppler, stuff kilos in a tire Left his head red, like Reba McIntire Birds like Lamar Jackson 🏈 so I say amen You don't need a agent, when you play with Ravens (kilos) Black Lives Matter, some in institutions Only time I watched Black Panther, was Cam Newton 🏈 Married a seΓ±orita, to get her visa Don't like Joey Greco, Cause I can't stand cheaters* Hate insects 🐜 cause my cellphone bugged That's why I run home, like Aaron Judge ⚾ They put rose petals on da floor πŸ₯€ like Semi I saved my plugs brother, who look just like Machete (Danny Trejo) (Hook) #rapfamebest #rapfametv #feature #featured #bmfeature #bmbest #bmvideo #rap #rapper #realrap #hiphop #banger #lit #hot #fire #trap #dope #heat #flow #1 #new #music #loco #onlygang #trap #2023 #potw #bars #barz #moderator_en #rapfameofficial #rapfame_official #onasty #onastymuzik #coldbarz #mindprogramm3d


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Legend! πŸ‘‘

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this one was goatedπŸ”₯

18 days ago

Respect πŸ€œπŸ€›

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