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27 Jan 2023

This is my Final Formality cause im Storming up out These Gates when I Leave,Im so upset,Stressed and I Cant Be nothing Less than a Hot Mess, Anxiety Causing my Heart to just about popJump up out My Chest.Honestly at this Point in my Life I could straight up anotherfeel like any moment in time I Should Collapse on the asphalt Without taking precious Breath.Everyone in my life that I ever Really gave a Damn about or Loved Has already Left taking those all too Familiar Steps towards Something or Someone else that Has No Goddamn Right to Get that much Respect or to Take what Ive worked so hard for without producing Even a Speck of My Love or better yet without Ever Reaching a Peak of Enlightenment From the Scope Thatl Ive been Blessed I Do Hope At this time I must Confess that Im more than Willingllll To Partake in My Eternal Rest*.,Even though Im more than plenty Bigger than This Man or that Punk or that Skank or that piece of trash and Ive already taken it right to the bank with a plot to make that Body Stank with a Shank and a Rank Display to Overlay upon the person in my life that has violated,taking all my Faith and my Confidence, breaking me down to dust,So Hey Thanks Im overly Charged with the holy might of my sinister Saints with that Unsurpassible Pain,Im Hoping that you Crash upon the Interstate,108, Feeling So much Hate That I want to see the Cardiac arrest of the people in your Circle thinking that a crime against the common people that would never see it coming till the end of time ,even if it dropped and feeling like a Hammer im about to bring the Slammer To the Grammer and im bout to Break your Spine In a manner when I Bring my Slander,My Resentment Manifesting My Dark Banner when Im 1practicing my Voodoo from a Distance in way to avoid Damn her , Maybe in the process and the Practice of My Dark Magic. I maybe able to find the time to jot it down Right up in my Daily Planner.Im A Serial Killer like a slippery serpent salamander.On another note, I cannot stand hur.In a way she reminds me of myself and where I could of been where im at where I slay at ,where I stay at.When I put my Dismay on my page that might be exactly where I Lay at,Its apparent that im currently living out my Sentence followed with my life lessons,Im on a mission Living wit a lot of strife , Similar to most of the individual s in my life.Really imma about to make it.


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1 year ago

Bars: Perfect 💯 Delivery: Perfect 💯 Impression: Perfect 💯

O✅ Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

1 year ago

keep trying Bars: Can improve 👏 Delivery: Can improve 👏 Impression: Can improve 👏

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