I Can

I Can


Info: Song - I Can Album - Unknown Shadow Artist - Ady Pogar Lyrics: More and more people around my neck, When they want to take me out, it's not effect. Step after step, on my way to go, I am dreaming and going on my road, I don't need hate or love, I need my confidence, To get going on my way and to dance, In the rain, I don't need to win, And I don't need to fail, because I can, To be me, not anyone else, This is my character and my face, It's my rule, to be real, And I like how I'm feeling, My life is good, cause I make it to be, How I want, like in my dream, That's me going where I want, To my succes, how I heard from my heart, I only want that I will remain, That I will remain, how I was and I am, How I want, and how I will be, To be one person, to be only me, #adypogar #romania #contest #ican #music #hiphop #rapfame


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this song is so good and amazing keep it up bro ☝️✌️👍💯💯💯💯

2 days ago

welcome fam💯🫡

3 months ago

diss? ok ty

4 months ago

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