#ImHot79 #IH79

#ImHot79 #IH79


#ImHot79 #IH79 @Immortals tracks 👣 Peace and Blessings to the Rap Team Family and music community. Appreciate the true listens and honest feedback. To my Immortals Family and Associates; Bless up+ Production and Cover Art By Ty'Wu I If were Talking Rot' That's' These Liars & Lames' That U C Walking with Cops' Acquiring Caine' But' If We Talking Hot' I'm the Fire & Pain' That' U C Stalking Blocks' Supplying the Jane' ___ & I Came to Train' Both Body & Brain' As I Claim this Game' With Moxy Untamed' Showing u Lames' In my Lane' That Plot in Vain' Of the Game' Untamed' That I Got in my Veins' I'm Hot' _____________ On the Road to the Top' I've Exposed my Ops' 4 Using Trolls & Bots' On the Low' 4 Props' Way before I Chopped' Any Rock into Stock' Bringing Loads 2 a Drop' Under the Nose of Cops' Giving Gents Alot' Of Evidence to Adopt' As the Prince of Gwap' Since I was a Young Tot' A Resident of the Block' Listening to Gunshots' It was Evident I would Pop' Beyond my Present Spot' So' With Presence I Plot' As a Benevolent Jock' With a Decadent Crop' That's a Definite Shock' To the Folk' that Smoke' What I Tote' for Blokes' In a Cloak' Made of Dope' To Envoke' the Woke' In a Surrender of Will' As Defenders of Drill' Leading Sinners to Kill' Breading Winners 4 Real' Who Spot by my Trot' I Like to Scuffle Alot' Using my Knuckles to Box' Making Trouble 4 Cops' When I get Down & Gritty' 4 Hounds in my Committee' I Bring Sounds 2 your City' That are Profound & Litty' ___________________________ Quick to Erupt' & Kick U Pups' I Hit U Up' Then Split your Cut' 2 get U Stuck' A Bit Abrupt' Then Picked like Duck' That's Fit to Pluck' With 2 Glocks' & some Sticky' I See Who's Rockn' With Me' Raise my Stock' Quickly' Like 2 Pac' & Biggie' On a Mission to Rap' In Fact' I'm Mixing Tracks' That's Crack' & Blitzing the Trapp' With Gats' 4 Hittin U Rats' Well' it's True Gang' I Do Thangs' Like Hussein' To Screw Lames' & New Names' That Crew Change' To View Game' Then Brew Fame' Hot as a Crockpot' That's Filled with Pork Fat' I Pop Shots off the Top' & Teleport U Rats' To Hades'....U Babies' As Lazy as Grady' I'm Shady' as Ladies' So Maybe' I'm Crazy' Cause for Shizzle' I Sizzle' Like I'm Hot off a Griddle' When I Whittle' These Riddles' Fresh Out the Box' like Kibble' Giving it to U Proper' As I Flood the Doppler' Sending Slugs at Coppers' With the Blood' Of a Shotta' ________________________ I'm Hot' like Magma' So' Come watch me Burn' Sending Shots of Plasma' That quickly Drop U Worms' As I Groove to the Top' Gaining Views of my Stock' Showing Crews my Chops' That Easily Prove I'm Hot'


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