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Sycko miko



Hi it's sycko miko I'm on Instagram and TikTok and Facebook yo my pages is lit I rap and that's not it I got a lil bit for ya I was never in a safe hood not saying you wasn't I just want y'all to know I do this for people to understand and feel my feelings and passion as I feel yours and I will become a rap star no matter what comes in this path and trust urself and believe and know you'll make it cuz if you do believe you'll keep going and making new rap and Music no matter what happens or what someone says or what's someone does to you cuz you gotta stand and say I got my strength from me believing in my self and got it from this life's struggles and I won't let you take a step closer to defeating me cuz I've already defeated you in a rap battle ...... This is rap for life yo 😎✌️💯 #rapstar #allstar and if you diss me expect that I'm gonna go 200x harder with a diss on you


Springfield Missouri