No TearZ (Johnson&Johnson)

No TearZ (Johnson&Johnson)


..barzBarzBARZ ..pretty much it #r2 #r2musik #TrendSetterZ #2022 #texas #dfw #dallas #rapfamebest #hiphop #JohnsonXJohnson #NoTearZ #NoTearZ22 r2- Can't be no joy Without pain Dark skies that mean it might rain Never know what tomorrow might bring Pitch black before the light came Corruption corrected After years neglected Repeated defeat Sounded like broken record Shit done came up that was so unexpected I'm done shedin tears I took life and accepted All of my blessings along with the lessons This shit right here how I deal with aggression Hard Times only part time A temporary dark mind Dead like I'm in the chalk line Better clear ur head from cloud nine Shit Real down here might not be clear Like a broken mirror Hope dissappear Good advise sound sincere Had major changes thru the years Been up Been down but keep it real Thru the aftermath I am still here Do not cry cuz it's over Gon & smile cuz it happen If life a battle ship then I'm the MF Captin Bad shit happen Good shit happen too The way it even out come back around it fall on you We Rendezvous thru obstacles Heavy on drugs and lots of booze Realizing there's alot to lose Decisions matter pick and choose Thru the years Overcome fearsto See the vision pay attention open ears Problems appear then dissappear this be that Johnsons and Johnsons I got no tears


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Your shit always hitZ 💯💯💯

16 days ago

unique..pushed boundaries of conversation..perfect chorus.. ya cool shit

30 days ago

Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

1 month ago

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