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You can see by the fashion, o.g ole fashion. & da drip splashing. Like a boat crashing. Shooting dice passing. Shorty asking, to hit the gas &... Now I'm smashing. Killed the pussy, crime of passion. All this cash I'm flashing. Look like I just cashed in. Dashing with a btch tht look, like a Kardashian. Cutting work slashing! Get merkerd harassing. Bashing all the jerks, I'm surpassing! Pussys be all cap. Rookie M.C's cnt rap. Using props for straps. Cuz these wannabes, know how to act! (Facts!) Miss me with tht fake sht. Diss; diss me with tht hate sht. On tht snake sht, on tht jake sht. Setting cliques up with weight btch. I'm spotting negus like a weight bench. On my dck, wait btch! Hitting licks on some late sht. When I dnt make sht... Get pissed off like a urinal, cuz I dnt take sht. Strap like a General, attack like a Seminole. For the right numeral. I'll clap up the funeral. Young thugs claiming slime. Ya Roddy on Demon time. Coddi crying on facetime. Facing all tht time. For organized crime. No surprise the guy's losing his mind. #Freestyle Outro... #ParamountOrgin #ParadoxRecords #12RONIN #PDX PD⚔ #DiosMafioso #SniperSnippet #ShortLiteWork #Gas #2022 #heat #heatn2023² #hot #fire #New #NewWave #NewSound #Loud #LΛVΛWΛVΞ #MλGMλ #ψîιιh²õfισ #¹


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u already know g 💯

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