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👁️'m here t@' sh@re my throughts my p@👁️n my struggle I love music 🎼🎼🎶 everys👁️nce 👁️ w@s young 👁️ re@lly den t@ke 👁️t ser👁️ous but; now I'll done le@rn d@' r@p g@me now they lie t@' me n promise me stuff th@t never h@ppen trick me out of two📀💿 t@lk👁️ng of bout m@ne 👁️ stayed 👁️n d@' studio 🎙️ n st👁️ll never c@me out 👁️ know d@v👁️d b@nner my n👁️gg@ from J@ckson Ms d@' queen boys my l👁️l cous👁️n l👁️l C from J@ckson but; 👁️'m on my own now tryn@ m@ke 👁️t through storms p@👁️n n suffer 👁️it's of lot thrist @$$ ppl 👁️n d@' g@me #1 rule keep God 👁️n our l👁️fe @👁️nt nothing 👁️n the👁️s 🌎 b👁️gger den our God bless every m@n n wom@n n ch👁️ld much love t@' @ll rel@bes I g👁️ve must love 12RONIN@#LOCENT#EBG# N my new f@m👁️ly ELITE-B@RZ th@nks t@' others l@bels d@t d👁️d songs w👁️th me n other l@bels who w@nted too..n those who den st👁️ll must love f@' y@' Rest-👁️n- ✌️ t@' @ll our love ones d@t we lost d@mn 👁️ feel @ll y@'ll p@👁️n much ❤️🎵🌠🌎🎙️🎶🎵🎵🚢⛵😱😱😱#

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