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Appreciate everyone. 💯🙏 #CHEAPTHRILLSXO #CTXO #THRILLERXO #BEATBUILDS #BANGBANGCLICKCLACK #GANGGANGGETBACK #BONNIEANDCLYDESHIT #XOCONFESSIONS #XOTRIAL #eXo #SWFeXo #SWF #stayw0ke #VandalMob #INMOBWETRUST #Feature #FeaturedMaterial #PutMeOn #BMVideo #BMHeat #BMBest #FIRE #RFGODS #BoomBapAMF #AINTNOROOKIE @moderator_en —————————————————— Cheap Thrills (Rough lyrics) (Verse 1) I killed this shit on a freestyle. Did it so dirty that I wrote this at my pretrial. I still murder in the meanwhile. Lock me up, throw away the key, this the Green Mile. I still remember all them pay day loans. So if they callin just remember tell em Zay aint home. I give a fuck about these bitches and what they may know. Leave em Exposed like Kim be wearin Ray Js clothes. Let me reset. Your honor, please a recess. These victims got me twisted, and I aint tryna regress. But I see Mamacitas, and Senioritas, and Im like, Im please to meet ya, heres my burrita. I heard she just wanna taste. She tell me she gunna get it, shell do whatever it takes. She cums first, tell me she aint second place. But I guess killed her too cause heavens a death state. (Hook) I got her high off them cheap thrills. More bricks then when stop to let the beat build. I get her high she dont need pills. She tell me lay her body down while the beat builds. X2 (Verse 2) Ok, get it again and again. Thats a double homicide body you and your friends. You two pretend, Ima bruise your defense, due to events, two to the chest, dufflebag up your body for rent. Im listin charges, Ima beat in week. My Mob Deep. Hitters sing you to sleep, pullin up in black Jeep. Repercussions from the Reaper, keep a heater on me. We discussin some onomatopoeias just me and the Gs. Im on Bang Bang Click Clack. Gang Gang Get Back. Watch the way the chain hangin just before I get that. Mr.Fresh XO, Change my name to Tik Tak. My girl so fire I started callin her Miss Match. I know, she a pryo. Year of the dragon Spyro. Tellin me that she love my darkside, Call me Kylo. Her hips spinnin gyro. Thats just a side note. Girly got a body you would think that she a pyscho. (Hook) (Verse 3) Ive been rippin from conception, Been switchin up my direction. I gotta pile of bodies that Im coming back for, plus not to mention, We aint got the same dimensions. Or intentions you better pay me attention. Im the type to run up on pussy mafucka start stealin his Benzs. I do it all for the Mob, a lil for God, and a lil for ma. I feel like a rock, solid as possible, you aint obstacle nah. I do it for Brah, double it up for Alah. Kamehamehameha. Hakuna Matata. Nah. (Hook) (Bridge) (Hook) (Outro) —————————————————— Written, Performed, Mixed, & Mastered By : SWF eXo Beat Produced By : Taylor Made Art By : @GenosBlack


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this one of my favs frfr.

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