City Lights

City Lights


@moderator_en @moder_judge_en @rapfamebest #BattleMeApp #2K22 #2022 #SynchronizedMindz #BMgrind #FeaturedMaterial #BoomBap #Rap #Bars #BmHipHop #RapFame #Contest #BattleMe #CityLights #NightWork #Contest #Filaments #Chipz #Freestyle #NewYork #ConcreteJungle #DrugSales #StreetGlow #Skyscrapers #Nightlife #Piff #Lava #EastCoast #TheBigNug City bulbs lead the way Got the work where the luggage go Swollen ammo large enough to snuff a Buffalo The drug game keeps calling me back Under streetlight glow when we movin them packs Hand to hand yo gram by gram Big plans to own an island catch year round tans In the stu I'm Uv I'll brighten the booth so Writtens are straight coke You'll choke like it's Judo Rest when its sunrise I clock in at sunset De- illuminate Then I'll target your subset Im eyeing the skyline On a roof it's a damn sight Bars on the phone now No pads an no graphite They legalized ganja I call it the Big Nug No longer apple now cheap pounds all big nugs I Exhale thick clouds, to drown out the headlights Im Out for blood though, And that's what the pen writes I get right an I be where the goons live I'm just nice and that's what the truth is The shoe fits but it aint a career Its a lifestyle an I mesh well with the gears A spoke in the mechanism mechanics are madness windy in the city lights An I aint from Kansas Life or death Yo These are the chances Street art, an audio is my canvas If city lights could speak , I'd just make em panic From a birds eye view The Image is graphic Anxiety alone would have em sniffing a xanax if they told on me at all I'd crack em hard like ceramics Snitches better think twice, I got the antidote Mags filled wit jackets that'ill bust in half an antelope. the hue of the metro at midnight is magic Among the filaments wit that piff that's volcanic It's on now when you see those city lights Flat screens with flash drives and gigabytes We Push weight like grown men on mini bikes Neon signs and billboards for neophytes It's so bright bridge lit in the distance Where its hard not to mix pleasure with business I ramp up hit the pike with the tunes on Aftermarket pedals yeah thats what my shoes on


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Dope flows keep the fire 🔥 burning don’t mix pleasure for business

3 days ago

I got new battle please comment much respect either way fire lyrics till I die forever only honest votes much respect for giving me a chance 👌 💯 hope you enjoy what u hear 👌 💯 #TmLackOfDominance

14 days ago

my name is your message

15 days ago

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