different destinies

different destinies


(intro) we have different destination's not the same directions cuz of obstructions hope you're listening you be in your lane I'll be in my lane no distractions and affections, we are all after this papers (chorus) my destiny, your destiny, my destiny, your destiny, are forever differently so nevermind looking up to me (verse 1) am a singer, you a dancer these two differs some are doctors, lawyers and banker's for clean papers don't try imitations,have an intention, just high attentions for your liberations, listen, you go to school with your tools, all the time yet you fail and pass at times just like a fool but. I goes to school without a tool am not a fool but am full without a book always cool in my pools yet I pass with distinctions more than you with tools never you look at me rather add more quality to your virtues believe in yourself, never add more other gestures. to avoid intake of mistakes from others because we differs from others, we are not alike and are world apart. (chorus) my destiny your destiny my destiny your destiny are forever differently so nevermind looking up to me (verse two) this is an instance u are destined to be a footballer and not dyballa u listened to music and not this few kids, don't try and fly because of somebody else, just cry and try just for your body Best someone wants to be like you, you also wants to be like someone just believe in yourself and no one cuz we are not alike, put the urges aside have brains to frain for the future, wave at trains no gain for the culture,so pray to the Lord, for his words to Change your world for a perfect one like surd. so pay attention for your perfection, cuz we make it in different dimensions, but u don't need distractions believe in yourself not their self and myself because no rail no train, no God no world, you make rail whilst I make train, so we are not alike and are world apart. the more you grow you know, the more you learn you earn, wisdom isn't sought on a platter of gold a word is enough for the wise, the lord is enough for the wise, you pray to lord to guide you, not for dogs to bit you, you pray to God for guidance just to avoid nuisance, you be a banker, I'll be a lawyer,some be drivers, we work together to keep this papers safe. they'll transport the paper I'll judge the paper,then, you save the papers for the owners so when the perfection seems impossible then we perfect the possible.yeah.my destiny and yours are never alike. (chorus) my destiny, your destiny, my destiny, your destiny, are forever differently, so nevermind looking up to me.


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