bringing it home

bringing it home


I've really been going through it y'all don't even know I grabbed that pain than a get inO my zone batter batter swing this Savage is bringing it home pushing my limits I got a vision Look at me now I'm so damn vicious everybody hearing the buzz that I'm getting respect and a lot of love I'm getting ahead of the rest I truly am blessed just to get this s*** off my chest but the word on the page then put it in my Dome I could do this all fuck day long even with my eyes closed I'm on a new level never sell my souls to the devil bringing to you soft like a rose petal it's not accidental that I'm dame special bring it in hot your the tea pot bitch I'm the kettle I'm the vessels i got the potential I deserve a mantel going to the top like my family suggested some or gonna be mad when I make a record on it like an infection hope your game is tight your gonna need protection my spit flows or coming at you like an aromatic weapon we ain't talking money then there's no discussion I'm on that wave gonna rock this boat in hopes I don't choke invisible like a gost getting so tired of being broke just no what I spit is real ain't no joke I'm that female that will provoke cuzz I got that backbone I'll be all over you like poison oak it's about time I get whatz mine watch me shine gonna bring the action it's my satisfaction on that grind I'm always in a full metal jacket I just got started hope your seat belt is fastened on it all the time till I'm dead in that casket I'm un fire watch me ignite ya got you in my focus like a sniper spitting venom like a viper I'm coming up higher and higher I got that confidence got so many thumbs up like a hitchhiker gonna grind ya to the bone in gonna put my name on that stone I'm taking over the throne keep dropping them bombs cut yourself on my thorns I'm blowing up that microphone I keep taking pushes keep going like rocky who played Sylvester Stallone I'm coming in hot I won't more raining down on you bitch leash the savage I am the STORM I told ya you already know batter up Cuz I'm bringing it home copyright by Alicia Hodson


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