yes indeed

yes indeed


I'm leash the Savage ether your for me or agents me so what if I dont have a degree or a PhD my rhymes still take off catastrophically I dont really care if you like me basic bitch leave I can feel your vibe because I got empathy I dont need no team always hating on me because my flows or so lyrically I'm the boss I'm the queen better think before you talk to me.who you trying to sceem it better not be me. dont even try and test me. you no nothing of my history all because of your insecurities soon everybody is going to hear you scream then you you will be seen in the obituary may you rest in peace makeing you feel dizzy so stop trying to trick me I'll kick your ass like I was seventeen dont act all stupidity you know I move so smooth and quikely have you in ecstasy leash the Savage lately I just been doing me im finally getting some stability. keeping buzy ya that's really me.coming in deep gonna to get that victory so you see flowing out my lyrics like a breeze thay just come so swiftly and so loosely soon I'm gonna be a legacy got to have my privacy so I can get tipsy.cant forgot about that sticky icky I got the best in my hole dame city dont you agree I'm just waiting patiently and stopped thinking so negatively aming for that legacy but thay wont to keep on hating with all there bottle up jealousy it's like a conspiracy because they cant control me thay just cant handle my frequency thay all know I got the ability so go ahead and act hasty beccaus your to scared to face me its just something I been use to lately but never can you replace me yes leash the Savage is a little bite crazy but your really gonna hate me.gonna be filled with so much animosity your gonna feel my energy you know this is my destiny because I'm comeing at it hard coming in gracefully you no me leash the savage in deed


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I like the way you floor

9 months ago


10 months ago

@leashthesavage Pay @sheizty.xo no attention you can tell she's a little girl. Everytime I see her on someone's post she's talking mess about her man's crew. Keep doing your thing blessings

11 months ago

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