Wins (17:52)

Wins (17:52)


yo check it listen!! this is how it all started long ago growing up as a kid!! i was left alone ina dark place lost can you hear my heart racing, beating out my chest surrounded by evil demons!! up to no good fucking with my feelings, i was to young to figure out whats the meaning dident no anything mouth closed laying stairing at the ceiling!! times fly by everyday i crying out inside need help to escape this abuse to scared alone cant even move frozen feet not eating hiding out in my room. we ment to trust the care system dont trust nobody, how can i ever trust anyone never dat would you!! care system who are paid to protect give guidance show love not abuse kids when in there room. dishing out violence we to afraid to tell anybody so i stayed silent to weak and young to even try fight dem slaped pushed held down! everyday to tired! no voice im depth to everyone !! they all fucking lieres!!! init together curupted rainy weather they got away with shit for years evil Peaple but..clever covered there tracks try getting rid of evidence burnt them to ash!! time flying now im ready and older stop crying no smile menace to society pure violence voice coming out! had enough packed my clothes done up legs hit the roads kept running till i found a safe zone never moved stayed hiding out steady pacing eyes wide in my hide out feels good to be out of hell and into the light days turnt into night!! then out of nowhere was blue flashing lights!! grabbed my bag of clothes creeping through bushes at night heart beating no energy haven't eaten! jumping over obstacles running for my freedom lost control legs wobbly barely breathing! handcuffed took me back to hell again now im seeing demons evil holding me down never can i beat em if i could i would murder everybody this evening but no one to help, cant hear me shout labeled the trouble one of the house running away daily causing alot of stress fuck dem now!! im cheffing key workers anybody try touching me now must be mad laying u out bruk up da house bare damage and arson buning the house pussy say sank now!!


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awesome foreal I love this song no bs

12 months ago

real as fux 💯 lookin good on ya

1 year ago

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