faith moves

faith moves


Faith in God moves everything around us. This is real talk , God honors faith and will one day give a blessing for having that faith. $ is the currency of mere mortals , faith is the currency of those who understand how the shit really goes down. #God #Spirit #new


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Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

7 months ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 9/10 Impression: 10/10 Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Perfect 💯

11 months ago

Hi there @preacher08, Here's some feedback on your track 'faith moves', thank you for sharing with us! 💥 Your vocals are a lil' unclear, try playing around with your mic position to get the best take. Work on delivery to make sure your bars are heard in a dope way. We like how the beat sounds with your voice. 🎼 Maybe give one of the Masterclasses a go, it's great way to help your timing on tracks. We can't really hear that much rap, work on your flow a bit! We can see the potential there, keep hustlin' and your tracks will improve in no time. 👌 It was great listening to your track, we hope to see a lot more of you in the future, please feel free to share some more tracks with us! 🙌 All the best, The Rap Fame Team 😎

1 year ago

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