Happy International Women’s Day from Rap Fame!

In Short:

Rap Fame wishes you a very happy International Women’s Day!! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what the day means to us, considering the presence of women in different industries and walks of life, and celebrating women everywhere, past, present, and future!!

Make sure to check out our video of some of Rap Fame’s incredible women rappers!

International Women’s Day

I know what you’re thinking…

We at Rap Fame are very excited that today is International Women’s Day!!

It’s a chance to take some time to think about how amazing all women are.

We can start with looking at the inspirational women in our lives – mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.  And then from there we can start to appreciate just how women make the world what it is.

… just one day?

Women deserve a lot more than that.

But in this world where women struggle for equal representation, we prefer to be optimistic and think that this day is just one way we can shine a light on the cause and bring about a world where everyone is respected equally, regardless of sex, background, colour, or religion.

International Women’s Day highlights the need to work towards an equal world, raise awareness of prejudice, and celebrate the achievements of women.

Women in Music

Women have not yet received their dues in music. But that is changing.

The Rap Fame platform proudly boasts some amazing women artists that have put out hugely popular music!

Today we posted a video on Youtube that showcases some of our fine female talent.

We have also highlighted a different rapper and her track each hour of today in our Instagram story.

We’re using technology to make the most of today’s special message!

Women in Tech

Tech has historically been a male-dominated field.

There are many reasons for this, including old gender norms, biases, and education.

Boys are often encouraged to study and work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Girls traditionally have been more excluded from these fields.

This STEM gender gap is one of countless gender gaps that reinforce the position of women in the world today.

Closing these gaps sadly won’t be achieved easily or quickly, but things are moving in the right direction.

Rap Fame for Women

At Rap Fame, we are extremely proud that our team has at its very core some incredible women.  The company was co-founded by the amazing Alena Golden and boasts a number of unparalleled, women software developers.

But it’s not just about making numbers and meeting quotas.  It’s about balance and perspective.

The women in our team have made Rap Fame what it is today.

Women bring to the table…

But it’s an ongoing process. All companies, industries, and people should be involved.

People with old notions of gender roles fail to see that they’re limiting themselves and the organisations around them by excluding women.

Women are held back from so many things – from the workplace, from politics, and from big conversations and debates.

This harms EVERYONE.  Not just women.

… what men simply cannot.

We lose out on ideas, talent, skill, experience, and everything else that people (women or men) have to bring to offer.

But not only that.  Women have a unique set of ideas, talent, skill, and experience because of the different challenges that women and men face in life.

It is obvious that women and men deserve the same level of respect, but unfortunately this is lost on some.

Perhaps the unique offerings of women will have the power to convince some people in the meantime to open up their doors.

Enough of the serious stuff…

…let’s celebrate!!!

There is plenty to make us feel optimistic and proud.

The challenges that have been overcome, the milestones that have been reached, and the achievements of women all over the world are all things to remember and be very happy about!

So whilst there is work to be done yet, a lot has already been done by inspirational women that made monumental sacrifices and deserve our gratitude.

To Rap Up…

… there are many things to work towards, commemorate, and celebrate on this special day.

We can look to the past for inspiration and to the future for hope.

Rap Fame wishes you a very Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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