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Lady FrayaMajikk


Playlists here just to have some fun and get some depression off my brain I really don't care if I sound like s*** so if you want to you know this respect people who just trying to get out of depression it doesn't matter I'm not taking anything personal believe me but if you want to have fun I'm going to have fun with you so guess what let's just f****** have fun . I used to have an amazing voice before I got the thyroid cancer little by little it diminished and I'm hoping I get get it back cuz I really can't stand my voice right now my biggest pet peeve is a f****** s***** voice like the way I'm sounding right now so I'm just trying to retrain myself Andre and to pull myself out of this depression even as shity as I sound so at least I'm trying to do something about it.fighting for my life with thyroid cancer with hopes that people don't laugh at my voice too much I mean even I laugh at it. But I'm going to get it back damn f****** cancer. So just give me a chance in a little bit.