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📣 Please Subscribe to the YouTube & Instagram Top Right Corner of the Page!!☝️☝️ Truality is a Rap Group that was established in March 2019. Truality members are Younity & Rizmatic. Both enjoy making & listening to music! Truality has a YouTube Reaction Channel where Younity reacts to artist music and gives his first impression of songs and breaks down some of the lyrics on the spot.  Click the Youtube Icon above on the top right corner of the page to watch some reaction videos and connect with the artist more! <h2> POTW19 #TruStress POTW22 #BigDawgs POTW25 #OutGrindin POTW25 #TruVsSt POTW34 #liftoff POTW40 #ONESHOT

B.A.R. Cartel

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