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Music Video dropped on YouTube for #peacefulrevolution Beat and mix and master by @incytex83 Regulators Music Group and Regulators Record Label will be looking for new talent soon stay tuned for the DTAYLZ Check out my producer cousin @incytex83 He made. Beat and produced my track #painaway and his first track featuring me is on his page now ! #dinnertime Everyone check out the Grind Mode Cypher vol.23 Featuring your boy Dtaylz The Profit 🙏 Also check out the next Vol.24 featuring my squad and brother Friday Goodish Both cyphers are located on my playlists on my YouTube, link In my Battle Me Bio Link will be on my YouTube page cypher lists as well Live battle on YouTube that just dropped .. .. (link is also in my YouTube playlist) Dtaylz The Profit vs Stratusfiah Boiler Room Battle League Subscribe to all platforms and support and all honest support will be returned ! 👆👆👆👆 Check out the new Track on all platforms soon !!! Pain Away produces by X83 !!!! #painaway Put a lot into this track y’all please check it out @GOOD1 peep my homie beat some dank killer shit #notanolobeat 👈 New video’s for girl in green dress and Polar Shift as well as End of Daze and Mobb Ties all on You Tube ! Support the LAB on YouTube and on discord Live Battles Only y’all Regulators Muzik


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