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Woody Wood



I'm originally from the Philadelphia Area. I got into the hip hop scene when a good friend from high school was attending University of Pennsylvania. My friend was managing a West Philly hip hop label 11 Records. My friend and I and the head of 11 Records went to a house party at Penn and that was a wrap. I and said friend recorded at D&D Recording in New York City. There I met DJ Premier and a few other NYC acts. I thought our time was then but unfortunately life happened and I got distracted from hip hop and the projects I was involved in. I moved to California in 2012 and I met some big name peeps is the music industry. My good friend who was the head of 11 Records , we combine to create W Entertainment. Again life happened and distracted me from hip hop and my projects. Now I'm just trying to get something going on. I love music. I live music. I love hip hop and I live hip hop. I've been all over and I'm just trying to get something going. People say it is never to late. SO I HOPE AND PRAY THEY R CORRECT. PEACE.

Jeff State Outlaws

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