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I'm a songwriter and love all types of music and i don't judge anyone and music comes from the heart and you don't have to be a perfect singer..its in da soul.everyone has different talents and no one to take that away from you.You love music and want to be in a crew,well join my crew coz we believe in everyone.God bless you all.Rapfame is my therapy to help me keep focused away from my work that scares me in everyday life coz im a nurse for mentally ill handicaps especially with the shit going on(coronavirus) everyday i stay strong and try to stay safe no matter what.It ain't easy coz i saw people around me die from this disease..So rapefame and a ya'll people i met here,thanks for brightening my days and keep the faith that we will survive this thing,coz between you and me,the government is behind this shit..Coz its not easy here in Quebec city🇲🇶🇨🇦 peace and keep safe and god bless you all .P.S.i hate battles coz im not a hater and dont like the drama ..keep your beefs to yourselves. Don't like to take sides especially when you are friends.💓💓💓💓💓.


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