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Yerrrr catch me on IG fuk dis app.. 🖕 Treputiton on IG. AND I dont read messages ON here sorry it Gets to spammy. Lol so hmu on IG to connect. a HMU on insta see top of profile to connect not here PLEASE. I don't be on here like that. 6/24/23 Subscribers get access to my music on all platforms. Others sorry I'll be back at some point. "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." -Marley. Workin on the luv of MUSIC my craft daily. ALWAYS room to grow and learn 💯. Young, hungry and ambitious. Making moves to make a move. Featured #Rookie Tag: #BetUs Featured Track(s) #Columbine #NoticeMe. #X2Revenue #DummyClips #FlipTheScript, #Tre3Rain. #Tre3Fanta, Contest Track top 20 #Tre3MoneyTalks (#11)., #Tre3Raru #Tre3TrenchScars DEFINITELY coming for everything I've been told I'd never have. I sho luv and respect back always 💯 We all here to do what we luv. YUNG BUT WORKIN STEADY!!! #Floridaboy #LivLegendary 🤜🏽🤛🏽💯‼️ Cashapp: $JermyStapes if u would like to hit it up /contribute. I'm tryna grow if u ain't tryna help me/see me grow stay out the way and I'll stay out your way 💯. NEVER COCKY just got a dream and I'm the yougin' that's workin' to make it come true. 🤟 NEVER A HATER. 💯 I have dreams to chase.