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I'm from Midwest City Oklahoma 43 years old got a birthday coming up on the 22nd of May as of right now I'm incarcerated for a alleged taboo crime that I'd never committed. However, I'm using my music as my ground stationary front of BLACK VOICES SPEAKING OUT AGAINST INJUSTICE, PREJUDICE, RAILROAD Plots from the judicial court system. I've been writing music since 91'and this is my life. (All I got that keeps me sane. I don't understand,the language to fight my case, so I use my GOD GIFTED talent to speak and seeking legal help and support from my RAP FAME FAMILY/BAND LAB, and all fans/supporters. (#FREE THUGSOULJA!!) Movement. My songs R from the heart, and I do no cappin.... I KEEP IT GANGSTA!!@thugsoulja80/

OKC, ok