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Bo Jangles



Every Friday I’ll release a new track and this time, if a track has 2 verses or more, I’ll just release 1 verse every day until there’s no more verses to release then it’ll be back to waiting until the next Friday and so on and so forth. I don’t have a specific time because I’m gonna be busy with a lot of stuff so when I have time, I’ll release that track and just hope for the best. I’ll do collabs with you for free. As long as either one we both agree to do a freestyle together or two you come with the best you got whether it be just messing around lyrically with rhymes and wordplay or tryna tell the best story you can, etc. Speaking of being busy, I have some big news. I will be playing real sports. Not just sports that you play on the street for fun. No, I mean, like playing for an actual team and tryna compete for some big achievements. Now, I don’t know what sports I’m gonna be playing but I do wanna play at least football and basketball. My IG is beaulittle63. I’ll try to DM everyone I can and follow everyone back that follows me but so you know, if I’m late to DM you or follow you back, that’s most likely because for one, I only have IG on my slow computer (lol), or I’m just really busy and don’t have time to talk to people. My YouTube account is Beau Little. My profile pic there is Eminem in Detroit Lions clothing. My Xbox One account is EmPost12. If you have Fortnite, any Madden except for Madden 15 and 19, Minecraft, and/or Roblox, etc. and you wanna play with me and I have time to play with you, let’s do it. My phone number is +1 530-513-9532. TEXT ME FIRST, DON’T CALL ME. IF YOU CALL ME FIRST, THEN I’ll IGNORE YOU BECAUSE I hate calling people who are scammers. I’d rather text first at least to make sure you’re real and not fake before calling me.