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Bo Jangles



Hey, my name is Beau and I’m a 14 year old artist. I struggle with depression and anxiety and I procrastinate a lot. I try to balance things out between the public eye and my private life. I have high functioning autism. My friends see me as Beau Little. When I’m on the mic, I’m Bo Jangles. My worst demon that tries to always attack me is Shady Jangles. Please always be honest with my music and especially with my life in general, I don’t want no yes men in our internet family. Love y’all!! Schedule: Monday: Contest Track Friday: Remixes WhatsApp: Ask me privately for it Current Xbox One Account: EmPost12 OG Xbox Account: ThermalTie19988 BandLab: Bo Jangles People on my crew: @ironfurytyson @cunex06 @officialcesrapsa @mr_skellyz @lil_x14 @jeannieorona Collab: I more prefer it on BandLab but I do collabs for free regardless Battle: They can either be for fun, to see who ppl think is a better rapper, or for legit beef

F.C.O.F.Y. Force of Fury