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I Love & Live–🎤Hip-Hop🎧, Lyricism🎼 & 🎛Music Production🎹. I consider myself a lyricist as well as it being my favorite Hip-Hop Style💯 Personally I dislike the direction Mainstream Hip-Hop has been headed! There are fools out there makin Millions of Dollars Rhyming a 4 Line Melody for 85% of the Track and the Small Verses are Garbage 🗑, MY OPINION💯‼️. I understand we gotta have "Club Music" I get down dancin too😉, but DAMN🥱🥱🥱🥱 Not interested in fuckin with Drama Lovin Haters so take that shit elsewhere🖕 That doesn't mean I'm not open to constructive criticism(There's a Difference), in fact I welcome it, any opportunity or chance to improve my Craft is one I'll take💯 I am Available as a 👻Ghostwriter✍. I can also Mix & Master your Tracks using Fruity Loops Studio. FL Studio has tons of features and is Professional Production Software. I'm always up to Collaborate as well. God Above Everything✝️💯 #TeeEss #FuckHaters #ChiTownDown4Life #Lyricists #ChicagoRap #LVIBEZ

Chicago (Chi-Town), (Killinois)IL.