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Nominated for #KomiAwards Static can be the life of the party or your worse nightmare an that all depends on you. I just started a platfrom and I need support from my loyal fans, #AlliSeeAreBenjisiGotBlueEyes #FlamezMovement #ShyLynnFlamez #WeAllStraightFamily #RespectHonestyOrGetStretched #LastOfTheReal #SnakesThriveOffHate #NeverLackinNoDistractions #GlockBoyForLife #BuiltByTheStreets #FuckRatsDumpMags #LoyalLipsOrBodyBaged #Rep607TillDeath #NyHomeOfDrillRap #StaticRaisedStraightSavage always putting that work in for myself cuz nobody else will, I'm 23 years old born an raised Upstate NY reppin 607 till my last breath thank you for peeping my tracks I'm always down to collab just send em then message me after if I don't see it, this is my second account I got locked out of my first one. I'm a leo I gotta say with all my years of experience just be careful who you trust be careful who you give your heart to cuz some people just do not care about anything 💯 I'm glad that everything I've been through only humbled me it didn't ruin me it just taught me exactly what not to do again

Upstate NY