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Skate or die make music go to work skate sometimes go hang out with my daughter but yeah I life is pretty not great hasn't been probably since like 2014 my mom passed say everything when every year is worse but it's all good though has 20/20 has proven anything can be worse than what it is right now just lost a lot of friends that died most of them were at War on heroin or something my best friend she died like 2 years ago and I do mean no it did heroin I knew ye pills but I never knew them to do the needle that's my brother man it's not his fault Isis disease Finn that's my homie he grew up selling crack for his dad on his front porch at like 10 or some s*** there's so many people awesome three desensitized to death it's weird to say when somebody told me somebody dies okay everybody dies it's not supposed to be like that but after you go through so much over their emotional distress from so Much Death you learn how to ignore it because you can't take it no more Prince died in the war friends died on Street friends in prison right now but this everybody story man anyways I don't want anyone the blame the opiates blame the doctors in the people that created it and didn't warn them cuz we are studying that there's not OD on prescription meds those are safe what they're holding on is heroin laced hair to save a route would help people with pain when a man is full dosage of Narcotics I guess it's narcotics it makes you feel better than take it like it shouldn't anybody else's business but you taking your body legitimately there's a lot of people in pain it's unbelievable and they create something that gets rid of it and then there's something wrong with it cuz it's addictive and you get sick but you conventionally feel better how old is the poison on the street you have to grow up and neighborhoods to understand all this s*** anyways

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