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My favorite thing to do is spit LEGIT OFF THA DOME! Every track on my page that is an uploaded instrumental, has me really freestyling. I mess up often, but usually just recover and keep moving...rarely do I stop and re record...I'm a one take Killa, kind of guy. ALSO IM VERY AWARE THE AUDIO ISNT CRISP on these same freestyles, where I've uploaded the beat. I'm working with a cheap Android and a mid to upper range pair of earbuds to do my recording on this app....but peep me out I'm aiight with the rhymes and the flow for an ole' kuntry boy from NC...šŸ’Æ Props to err'body tho and props from Tha 704, THA "QC" (queen city), Charlotte NC as well as Tha GasHouse...Gastonia, NC. Let's spit some shitšŸ‘Øā€šŸŽ¤

Gastonia, NC ( THE GASHOUSE)