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The one and only ShaNell Tokyo' & that's on period. You would think a bitch like me got a ghost writer but I'm just NICE AF W.DA PEN , jcole inspires me - ONE BATTLE & I killed the bitch , wanna work with Tokyo 🗼 show my cashapp love ..I INVENTED COCKY FLOW don't let nobody tell you diff 🥳😘 💯🥳🗼🤞🏾💗🤞🏾 SOLO ASF !! Oh yeah if a PUSSY HOE talking down on me 💁 its probaly cause i make music with ha nigga 😳🤤😏 ;FREE GAME now as an 5/23/21 managing rapfame artist who want to get big on this platform 🔥💯✔🎶 DM FOR THE INFO FOLLOW ME ON MY NEWLY MADE SOUNDCLOUD

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Tokyo 🥰🔥🥵