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Whats good! Im savage_d AKA (CAPTAIN HOOK) from tulsa ok.I always write my chorus first for my songs. Im a chorus writer. Shout out to🔫 gang gang🔫 #SauceGangENT 💯 I like to look at myself as a versatile artist. As you can see on my page i have, hip hop, r and b, rock, country. I do it all man, good music is good music 💯. So if you want to collab hmu! @savage_d918 I do not charge for collabs. cash app $SAVAGE918D I dont care if im better than you, i dont care if your better than me! Real goin recognize real! 💯 I'm just on here having fun! Music is my life. My way of expressing myself. So go ahead and hate if you want to. I'll just block yo jealous ass and move on with my life homie. Im no on here trying to prove I'm better then anyone. I'm on here just being me Savage_D. 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sauce Gang Ent.