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Ronnie Williams



from the bottoms still got nothing trying to get something I was blessed with a gift. To be able to speak to be able to reach and to be able to teach those around the world wide. So it's not just music to me it's personal haha so if you ain't making sense you ain't teaching shit if it ain't a way to be learning then there's no need to for you to even speak,if there's no dialogue or message all the way for me to learn or grow from it then there's no need for us to invent if you ain't trying to Make a better living for the future for the next three generations I'm looking for people with a gift that has a voice that people want to hear I'm not looking for people that I know how to make music just because I got the talent I'm looking for those that has the gift I know the gift when I hear the gift. Just because you know how to rap or make music or have the talent doesn't mean that you have that gift

Los Angeles California