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(El Rojo Loco Aka Albino Rhino, Albino Reptile) I Been into Hip Hop for many years... Earlier years, 1990s into New York / east coast hip hop almost exclusively, Wu Tang, Celph titled, Apathy, Jedi mind tricks (Vinnie Paz) Artifacts, Jeru tha Damaja, KRS One, Channel Live.. all of Boot Camp Clik, heltah skeltah, MF Doom and many more..branched out Into Cali underground, Pharcyde, shapeshifters, 2 Mex, AWOL One..Acelyalone, freestyle fellowship, Ab Rude, mad lib (Quasimodo), planet Asia, followed by Swollen Members (Madchild), Atmosphere (slug), Anticon, eyedea, buck 65, all that rhymesayers krew.. etc. More recent into a lot.of that Louisiana, New Orleans, Baton Rouge stuff, MR.MARCELO, CMurda, Lil Boosie and Juvenile mainly always tryin to learn more and hear new sounds and styles. Ohh and Kool Keith all his old stuff under Dr.Dooom, Octagon, Black Elvis.. especially.the kut Masta Kurt stuff with Motion man and solo.. I was obsessed.witj that for a long while

Albuquerque, New Mexico