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#SignedSealedDeliveredInclusive #FlamesOfFireExclusive ON VACATION.. I'm Leisha #queenleishalashes #queenlashesofire an independant dope artist and I am a motivator entrepaneur public figure and music promoter and have connections with Record has helped me through many situations just as I'm sure your Music helps you...if you need motivating allow me to mentor you and I will take you to your in the music industry! I've led a very difficult life but have overcome it all. It was not easy I can assure you all of that but now people from all over the world look up to me! I Have a zero tolerance policy to any disrespect so.disrespect me to your peril...I used to be a model have had a dancing career and later was a photographer....Ive worked in administration and have always embraced my creativity....I have been a singer for many years ...later went on to do podcasts where someone discovered me saying 'Hey come to this podcast LeLe s got bars' and then I started doing podcasts called spit box and it all started from there....then I later found rapfame and have been rapping ever since. I bring a unique vibe..fresh wave of fire to the world of Hiphop....Due to popular demand ....I am on band lab and Spotify also have recently been sought out by 4 record labels through promotion of my music. I will therefore be charging $40 for hook.$55.for each collab requests unless you are on my collab VIP list. Also if anyone wants a battle I am charging $75 ..Its just business....Music is my career! ...... Im on Facebook other Social Media Under construction...and those who are fkn with my music stay in you mfkn lane coz I am under management!