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やrͥotͣoͫ (RETIRED)(🚫ban)



Waiting to get a blue check and a feature 🔥Been on the app since 2016. PROTO is 16 Years old, living in a group home due to an abusive family. PROTO started making music for letting his emotions out, and speaking from the heart. Ever since he turnt 13, he started practicing, writing, and learning the criteria of the Hip Hop Industry. PROTO was previously on RapChat with 16k+ followers being one of the most biggest youth on the app, until he got banned due to complications. PROTO is a independent person over all, but when it comes down to music he would take a bullet for it. Music motivates PROTO to keep moving forward. PROTO once said "I was close giving up, but until I started making music and seen how much love and support I've got. I got to say, I was shocked." PROTO is waiting for Rap Fame to notice his talent. He owns a crew named "Never Too Different" created on August 30th, 2022.

Never Too Different