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Im a human being created by our Father in Heaven. Jesus is my Lord and savior. We are imperfect beings. The 10 commandments cannot be done in full in this life. They were made to show us we aren't perfect and cannot be. Jesus is the only one who kept all the commandments til death. He rose from the dead the third day and through his death we all have life. Please repent. Which means to change your mind about who is God and putting your FAITH and TRUST in Jesus's sacrifice. Trusting in the shed blood for our sins. THAT is how you're reborn again, receive eternal life, AND go to Heaven for all eternity. Believe Our creator sent Jesus to us to take our punishment. We were literally born as satans children. Through accepting Jesus we are reborn into our creators kingdom. YAHWEY all day. Praise to the MOST HIGH. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God bless you all. Thanks for listening. REMEMBER TO BE SAVED YOU ONLY NEED TO BELIEVE WHAT JESUS DID!! nothing more, nothing less..

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