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Alright Rapfame guess what you need to know! Well I can’t say because it’s beyond my knowledge and I’m not supposed to know! But seeing should be the last thing you let convince you it’s real on this app. Anyone could be shading you from multiple accounts without your knowledge for example if there is an entire crew out there designed to simply keep you on the bottom because the support you end up with at the end of the day ain’t even genuine. And or if you know for a fact that your daily best tracks are the ones with daily less votes always look for patterns with these fucking lames you’ll find it if you read between the lines. Trust me when I say the artist that might be going out there way to make you react most likely has another profile he or she considers there main account and is expendable at the cost of getting you out of character. Idk if you an artist special enough for this kind of treatment but let me tell you that I sure the fuck am! This msg is for you and your crew! Keep grinding I don’t know anything 😂😂😂😂

Elitebarz /DeathToll