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THE CONTEST GOAT! 41/59 top 5 contest win ✨Phillygang - money talk 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - true reality. 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - true colors ft Cre8tive 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - the dark 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - Lonely heart ft goated 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - no paradise for my thugs 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - nothing to loose ft exo &ivry 🏆(1st place) ✨Phillygang - grind on me 🏆(1st place) 8x first place ✨Phillygang - covered fr Ivry & John 🏆(2nd place) ✨Phillygang - home of the brave 🏆(2nd place) ✨Phillygang - standing ovation 🏆(2nd place) ✨Phillygang - ain’t no rookie ft gem. 🏆(2nd place) ✨mandiex - playing games fr Phillygang 🏆(2nd place) ✨Phillygang - tattoos. 🏆(2nd place) 6x 2nd place ✨Phillygang - lonely heart ft bitch. 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - young legend ft Ivry. 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - 4 you ft mandie & Krisis 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - super hero 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - goats 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang- securing the bag 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - stress free 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - slide ft Prettyboiyake. 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - 4 the homies ft bvng 🏆(3rd place) ✨bvng - escape ft whoami & Phillygang 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - no regrets ft Ivry 🏆(3rd place) ✨Phillygang - silver bells ft keysweet 🏆(3rd place) 12x 3rd place ✨Phillygang - best friend. 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - long road 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - state of mind ft Blue. 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - déjà vu. 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - bless you ft fresh stacks 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - for the family 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - lights out 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - dreams ft RELL & bvng. 🏆(4th place) ✨Phillygang - saudade 🏆(4th place) 9 4th place ✨brelly g -one step forward ft Philly. 🏆(5th place) ✨ivry - street justice ft Phillygang. 🏆(5th place) ✨Phillygang - glory ft r3llik. 🏆(5th place) 3 5th place •three top 5 track placement on the same contest (that I gave out) • record/mix/master all on bandlab off my phone (what’s your excuse again?)


༒☬༒ ʙᴀʀᴇxᴀᴍᴢ ༒☬༒RBHF ༒☬༒GOATGANG ༒☬༒sharktank