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$ALTY (Paul sultana)



# #salty ,wizardofOz #soldieroflifeslessons,#streetmobbinridaz, #NoFake, #ReAL©️,#NotPlastic, chilled out humble down to earth brother here unless ppl Wana come up on me and those I respect and support . Not hear to hate not here to suck arse . Here to be real to who I am and what I am about. I'm open minded and happy to hear all and respect n show love where it is due or return it when it is given. My people I feel if enough of us try and stand by each other's sides instead of hating and diss'n , can make a real difference in so many ways hey for so many walks of people hey. 100% can only evolve into the arts we can be by belief and support off people . It all helps put a big of wind in someone's sail ya no what I mean . Much love n respect to you's fellow artists wish y'all the very best on ya journey in life cuz. And of course massive love n respect to my crew #streetmobbinridaz, where my loyalty is at and they become my new found family, I'm easy going cuz but if I hear any peeps Wana talk smack to any of my famz or my close circles outside of my famz Well shit Gona get real between us we world wide cuz gods on our side cuz n happy to slap sense to haters. Lyrical monsters πŸŒͺοΈπŸ€ πŸ’―πŸŒ I am now an ambassador for VOCAL it is a poetry and song writing site and the competitions.. I'm every bit of real guys I can hook you's up so you's are in the competition if you's like okay...I know alot of people on here write some fly stuff so hey never know unless you'd try hey get amongst it peoples never limit yourselves to less then is possible hey believe in y'all self and watch it happen.. ,


Aussie connect, Australia