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Paul Fleet



I’m a 25 year old qualified plumber living In the shanty forgotten about parts of north wales ( Denbighshire, Rhyl) it’s what you make of the town it’s the people that’s in it that ruin it for the rest…. But life goes on, I’ve rapped since I learned how to talk I have a brother who’s 9yrs older than me I was born in 97 and he was mad into Eminem I remember being able to him the whole of Eminem kill you at age 5 😮😂 grew up on a council estate, no father figure, didn’t need one as I had my nutty brother as my role model of what not to do 😂✌️ I love to freestyle I never sit down and take my time to write a track I like to play the track like a rubix cube and figure it out under pressure on the spot and freestyle it’s fun and a good challenge. I do this for self fun and entertainment, and if you like what I do for fun too, it’s a bonus, I highly appreciate any feedback 😎🔥👋🎤