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Born in historic south central LA ,New Orleans LA & Birmingham AL , sovereignty in me . Raise in the Magnolia square CITY OF Los Angeles. so that’s the west side we call the GOLDEN STATE come roll with it ! I call it the GOLD COAST stay tuned N . Looking to build a crew come join Lets get this shit popping rap fame dont get these numbers mixed up y’all ! the label building up To ever body; here on rap fame don’t for get too check my YouTube,sound cloud and oh! don’t for get IG as WELL for real the key too the city is mind over here . come on aboard Paper mogul cash,umbrella Dynasty and NBP MUSIC GROUP. we’re heading west ward ,An thanks for all the support given ; you give some you gain back fuck the long talk let’s go up PMC - PAPER MOGUL CASH / CASH 💵 IS INN SOON!

Paper Mogul cash

South california LA