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Hello everyone my name is praise and I’m a rapper and I make music for me and god and you if you don’t like my music don’t listen to it , it’s your choice I understand some of you arnt Christian’s but that’s why I’m here to share my journey it’s been hard think what song should I play for you and then I say to myself I ain’t doing this for you I’m doing it for the person up there and thank you for these people that have been here for my that have followed me and that enjoy my fap , and I’m also a 16 year old turning 16 in September, please have a blessed day , these are the people that loved my music check them out @solussolace @elmacco @4fifth @arkk @mackenzie_yougirl @j_ricky @tayshiarts @def5ive @jenny_hottie @divinewebb95 @traptok @thecleopatraway @mazi187 @uptownbagz @whoami.21 @thacoldestone @lj878787 and there are loads more that I have to mention but I don’t want to bore you .