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Lil Benny😈😡👿



What’s sup I’m Bennny🤟🤟👋👋 Replay Contest Number 8!!! Soundcloud: Lil Benny 101 BandLab: Bennyboy15 I make dope cover art and don’t charge so hit me up for it🤪 I don’t charge for features but it better be good🤷‍♂️ I would love to work with u just it me up. Goals We going for 1000 followers🙌 Aiming for 20k plays Would love ur support if u hit a like and follow👏 @rapfame_official don’t overlook me, cause I’m very underrated on what I can do. I can mix and master your stuff if you reach out, just dm me. I also make beats hit me up if y’all want any🤙 Love this app, and we risking on the charts here. Stay tuned and don’t overlook my talent😁

The Palmetto State🌴🌴🌴