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GRAPHICS BEATS MIXING/ENGINEERING: DM for details 🚂💨💨💨GRAND RISING TO THE 🌎 . My name is Joseph and my company/label M.O.S. RECORDZ LLC is a small record label. We are also COMMANDER of our Empire 🕌 "GODZ OF MUZIK” (Rap Fame crew) Request to join our crew and see if you meet the requirements to be on a loyal supporting crew like ours. We are here to assist our artist in managing their careers. At the moment we have 2 artist, @Uniquelyanonymous & @ZapMan352 . Zap has a mixtape he is working on! Zap should be💨💨 releasing download links as soon as SUMMER ‘23. Also look out for UA's EP "SO ANONYMOUS” (TBA) DM us for features and collaborations( they are not free‼️Unless otherwise approved‼️) Be sure to go Follow Zap & UA 💨💨🚂🚂💨💨 & Stay tuned for these projects soon! We are moving up a few more levels at a time. We offer promotions, recording, designing and much more to our artist as well as other artist. DM💨💨💨 us for details. We also have a real Live street team as well as a virtual street team. To join these street teams message 💨💨 us now and inquire! We are connected with major industry officials that has ties 💨💨🚂💨💨with real record labels, deals and distribution packages. So follow us and get at us anytime💨💨 you like if your an artist trying to make a name for yourself. S/O to Uniquelyanonymous and their "OFFICIAL" 💨💨 hot single “FLY WITH ME” (REMASTERED) 💨💨 ANNNND their Hot Exclusive track featuring @J.🐍 and Zap‼️Be sure to check em out 💨💨 and follow these artist now 🚂💨