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Used 2roll with a shotty in the trunk now i got a stack a bibles i pump.. ive been known to laugh if u let me but im no joker... rams dont go to heaven bro. Repent & claim Jesus Christ as your savior.. Not looking for no record deals unless they already signed to G.O.D. like me.. so if you feel so moved send it to the hotfeed.. know you gassing off the fumes.. juss gona put this on the record so its KNOWN. . im only here to make friends. If i meet an untimely demise it will be for the sake of Jesus the Christ.. you know i aint stupid... Not a fear thing.. its a Real thing. Everyone here needs to get over to "the final days" channel on youtube & see undeniable proof were are in the endtimes.. We all need to be on God all day everyday & we always should of been but now there isnt an excuse in the world. We are at the end of the clock, Get right or hold tight.. its all going down♨️


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