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Virgo: Born August 27 in Chicago, Cook County & raised In Dyersburg TN decided to be a beat boxer 1985 train myself to be a rapper in the year of 1986, The year of 1991, I was 16 & I met Kurtis Blow King of New York Rap in Memphis Tennessee, K97 radio station summer jam concert also I seen Keith Sweat other performances. Any way I've been making music for a long time so Rap Fame get ready to know my rapstyle 2020 to 2021 my last album is 6poinr9 VS King MakaTelly đź‘‘ personal info I love all God's people I have never hated on nobody's talent in the rap game or just living in this messed up world. Try to love your enemies and stay to yourself true to yourself , stay in your lane never worry about other peoples business , That's how you will keep living good life and stick to your good friends that's positive and they believe in 1 God and Jesus died for our sins we shall live an everlasting life. My former crews of rapfame AllStarLegends on 2020-21 & SouthEastConnection 2021- October 4,2022 I join in a Crew: LOCOENTERTAINMENT Now its official this our new improve crew : The Rap Famous Crew Entertainment if you want to be real down with our new 2022 crew holla at me message me or hit up msg my partner administrative Queen Tina Owens 1st lady of RapFamousCrewEntertainment from the A T L Georgia she can get you on our crew ,our team, our family!

Rap Famous Crew Entertainment

DBG (DyersBurG),Tennesse