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M60 gunner



Rap master of pain and mayhem don't be a dick, if it wasn't for the word music you wouldn't be here,,check yourself before you start to discredit other artists or if you choose talk some smack. I don't do battles I dis asymmetrical pain any name any time don't go there...aka the rib breaker aka shellshock's mom's boyfriend aka tmoneypickle nipples aka the old lady whole crew is on stand by,like I was in the infantry. A red light starts spinning on the ceiling the dis tracks begin, absolutely nothing you say or sputter can effect my emotions one bit infact I dig deeper might even dis on grand mammys tombstone..I love this place a bunch of wild animals attacking each other daily like it's a multi vitamin, IT'S NEEDED. LOL..oh one more thing shellshock had a baby but his grandmother is power of attorney.

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